Re: Foucault and Organisation Studies

>Hi all,
>I am writing a thesis on Foucault and the relevance of his ideas for those
>who study the organisation of work (a community that we can talk about as
>'organisation studies', at least provisionally). I have conducted a fairly
>comprehensive search for work that looks at Foucault and organisation
>studies (and associated areas such associology of organisation, 'political
>economy', etc.), but I am confident that there are some pieces that I have
>missed. Does anyone know of any work in this area? If so, please let me
>know. Thanks.

I have a reference or two for you. They are on my 'to read' list,
so I am not sure of their relevance.

Murdoch, Jonathan and Ward, Neil
1997 Governmentality and Territoriality: The statistical
manufacture of Britian's 'national farm'. Political Geography 16 (4)

Rose, Nikolas and Miller, Peter
Production, identity, and democracy (I don't have all the info)

Miller, Peter and O'leary, Ted
1987 Accounting and the Construction of the Governable Person.
Accounting, Organizations and Society 12(3) pp. 235-365

This is all I can think of at the moment. Hope it helps.


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> Campbell Jones
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