Re: Foucault and Organisation Studies

Hi Campbell,

Here are a few things I=B4ve come across concerning Foucault and
organization studies. I=B4m not sure if they are relevant for you, but

Burrell, G (1988). Modernism, Post Modernism and Organizational Analysis
2: The Contribution of Michel Foucault. In Organization Studies 9/2. pp.

Zuboff, S (1988). In the Age of the Smart Machine. The Future of Work
and Power. New York: Basic Books.

Kallinikos, J (1996) Technology and Society. Interdisciplinary Studies
in Formal Organizations. Munich: Accendo.

Alvesson, M (1996). Communication, Power and Organization. Berlin:
Walter de

Daudi, P (1986). Power in the Organisation. The Discourse of Power in
Managerial =09
Praxis. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

I hope you might find some of the references helpful.

All the best,

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