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In your message of 1:40 Oct 30 1997, you write:

> Hello all,
> My name is Matt Archer, I am a graduate student in anthropology at
> the university of Texas at Austin. For some time now I have been working
> through Foucault, in particular the notion of governmentality, and even
> more particular, using this tool to analyze the discourse and practice of
> urban and suburban planning. Recently, my advisor (Dr. Melbourne Tapper)
> has invited me to embark on a joint project. He wants to take a look at
> the census from the perspective of "governmentality studies", or from a
> "Foucauldian" perspective more generally. I have had little exposure to
> the topic of the census and am writing to see if anyone can help with a few
> references.
> Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
> Matt


You are probably already aware of this paper, but I'd recommend
"Biopower and the Avalanche of Printed Numbers," by Ian Hacking. I think
it's in a book called _Humanities in Society_.


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