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L'Arch=E9ologie du savoir is not only the methodology of Les Mots et les
choses. It go further, and also synthesises the method of L'Histoire de
la folie, and La naissance de la clinique. In pp.86-87 of the French
edition (chapter VI) Foucault explains that HF was about the rules of
objects formation, NC was about the rules of enunciative modalities, and
MC was about the rules of concepts formation (i.e. mainly the =E9pist=E9m=
and (a little) the rules for the formation of the theoric strategies.
Together, those rules make possible the discursive formations (like the
political economy or the natural history).

Actually, I am very preoccupied by the relations between MC and AS, and
I would be pleased to read others ideas on it.


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