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Dear Foucauldians,

>Rob, your question is interesting. I had reason to read some texts
>on the topic of "space" and "freedom"/"liberty". First I thought that
>("space") can't really be much of a academic topic. Well, I discovered
>there's tons of philosophical and scientific ideas and concepts out
>not just from a physics or natural science point of view.
>Doesn't Foucault write about "spaces" in "The Order of Things"?

Space is much more important in _Discipline and Punish_! See the
analysis of the Panopticon, prisons, schools, etc.. There is also some
insights in _Birth of the Clinic_.

There is three other textes where Foucault copes directly with space,
and indirectly with architecture:

FOUCAULT, Michel. 1994. "Espace, savoir et pouvoir". In _Dits et
=E9crits_. Vol. 4. Paris: Gallimard, pp.270-85 [In English: DREYFUS,
Hubert and Paul RABINOW, Eds. 1984. _The Foucault Reader_.
Harmondsworth: Penguin].

=8B=8B=8B. 1994. "Questions =E0 Michel Foucault sur la g=E9ographie" In _Di=
ts et
=E9crits_. Vol. 3. Paris: Gallimard, pp.28-40 [Translated in English?]

=8B=8B=8B. 1994. "Des espaces autres". In _Dits et =E9crits_. Vol. 4. Paris=
Gallimard, pp.752-62. [There is a translation, but I don't know where]


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