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At 10:13 04/02/98 -0500, Randall wrote:
>The first sentence of
>his book claims that "we" supported a Victorian regime. Did you? What's he
>mean, if not including "you" and "me"?

I think that he means 'we' in a more general sense, here, refering to
something like 'the culture that we are in'. I wouldn't take Foucault's
openings (as in his other books) too literally.

>this is a bit too Derridadadada-ish for me,


>The fact is that the vast majority of United States citizen believe in God,
>of some sort of another.

Really? Is this a 'fact'? Even if this were so, in what way would the
alleged beliefs of Americans refute the relevance of Nietzsche's discussion
of 'the death of god'?

Campbell Jones
University of Otago
New Zealand

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