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Can I just clarify something, before we read too much into a title:

The title of the first part of Vol 1 etc is "Nous autres, victoriens", not
"Nous, autres victoriens", which of course means something altogether
different. The latter is to be translated as "Us Victorians". Nous autres
is a fairly ordinary linguistic device to express inclusiveness (rather
than otherness), such as "Nous autres, les gaulois" and so on.

Hope this is of use.


>Hi, Randall,
>It is my impression what Foucault means in saying "We other Victorians" is
>that the way in which we view human sexuality is rooted firmly in the
>Victorian era, and thus despite the distance we imagine exists between
>ourselves, today, with respect to how "human sexuality" is for us, and how it
>was for those others then, we are close enough to merely separated by the
>passing of time.
>That it was characteristic of this period that human sexuality was emerged as
>an object for study and control; abstracted into an object to be biologized,
>psychologized, socialized, politicized, etc - in ways, that is, in which "we
>other Victorians" are in tacit agreement, our "enlightened", "open-minded",
>"tolerant", views to the contrary notwithstanding.
>At least, that's what I think he means.

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