Re: A KickOff...

Hi, Randall,

It is my impression what Foucault means in saying "We other Victorians" is
that the way in which we view human sexuality is rooted firmly in the
Victorian era, and thus despite the distance we imagine exists between
ourselves, today, with respect to how "human sexuality" is for us, and how it
was for those others then, we are close enough to merely separated by the
passing of time.

That it was characteristic of this period that human sexuality was emerged as
an object for study and control; abstracted into an object to be biologized,
psychologized, socialized, politicized, etc - in ways, that is, in which "we
other Victorians" are in tacit agreement, our "enlightened", "open-minded",
"tolerant", views to the contrary notwithstanding.

At least, that's what I think he means.


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