Re: foucault and film

'Moi, Pierre Riviere' is to be shown at the Michel Foucault et la medicine
conference in Caen, 14-17 April 1999. Bit of a long way just for the film,
but the conference should be interesting too. I will try to post a full
conference programme in the near future.


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>On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Clare O'Farrell wrote:
>> Does anyone out there know of any films which refer to Foucault or to
>> his work in any way? The only one I know is Godard's _Les chinoises_
>> where Godard basically pours scorn on _The Order of Things_
>During the '70s there was apparently a French dramatisation of "Moi,
>Pierre Riviere", but I haven't managed to track it down as yet.
>There's also the 1988 film "Ghosts... of the Civil Dead", directed by John
>Hillcoat, which features Simon During as "Foucault Authority".

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