Re: Schools and Foucault

Great citations thus far. Let me also add two more:

Thomas Popkewitz and Marie Brennan (eds). _Foucault's Challenge: Discourse,
Knowledge, and Power in Education_. Teachers College Press (NY: 1998)

Thomar Popkewitz. _A Political Sociology of Educational Reform:
Power/Knowledge in Teaching, Teacher Education, and Research_. Teachers
College Press (NY:1991).

I've found Popkewitz's work extremely useful in exploring the US "charter
school movement." I do think the "movement" dimensions and larger "reform
arena" dynamics need as much exploration as classrooms, curriculum theory,
and specific concepts of discipline. Shifts in governance mechanisms
(including state policy discourse, administrative levels, and "public
mediation") deserve attention with power/knowledge and social
epistemological dimensions kept in mind. Likewise, I think the role of
"Expertise" and "'research" is particularly critical, as the notion of the
"public" is public education becomes more and more strained, fragmented.

*on soap-box*

Formal education is a contentious arena, regarding social reproduction.
IMHO, the (academic) Left could do some 'stepping back,' re-evaluation of
its normative yardsticks (maybe even consideration of Foucauldian
analysis), and a re-engagement with public dialog in ways that _resonate_...

*off soap-box*

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