re: postmodernism and liberalism

Darren writes

>>Below is an article that appeared in a student newspaper. I think it
raises a number of pertinent issues.

>>Postmodernism: Liberalism's Partner in Crime
Well, let's compare it with Marxism and socialism (not from any
ideological bias I may have). Let's face it, Marxism and socialism, from
the moment of its inception, posed a major threat to existing (liberal)
institutions and this threat breached the closed world of university
education and similar institutions.>>

N.B no flames intended but I can't see anything in this article beyond a
boringly familiar Marxist style trashing of postmodernism - my religion
versus your religion. The writer is clearly unaware of the enormous
impact Foucault's work (for example) is having at a very practical level
on the analysis of day to day policies and practices in professional and
institutional areas. And what about the millions dead in the name of
marxist derived ideologies?

I do not wish to minimise the positive effects socialism (and I include
non marxist socialisms here) has had on 20th century social thinking -
but that style of thought has been well and truly recuperated - we need
to think things through from a different angle - not that so called
'postmodernism' isn't without its own very large problems!!!


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