Re: Postmodernism & Liberalism

The point being that it remains a matter of debate as to what is
"essential" to a discipline.

>See the infernal parliment scene from paradise lost. Satan, who has
>just been cast into hell for defieing God, makes the argument that the
>other angels who fell most accept his leadership in hell out of a
>sense of "just hierarchy" for if they don't "anarchy will reign".
>Trying to examine a language game useing the grammar rules of that
>language game is as quick,easy and obvious as pulling yourself up out
>of the ocean by your own long hair.
>---Bob <suannschafer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >If you mean that postmodernism should be critiqued with
>postmodernism then
>> >I have never heard anything so absurd in my life except of course
>> >say, a judge will critique the legal system with the principles of
>> >legal system. The problem is, of course, that, like existentialism,
>> >postmodernism cannot be critiqued outside of itself.
>> I'm cornfused, hayseed that I am. Don't the two sentences above
>> one another?
>> BTW, isn't it a very Kantian notion that one use what is essential
>to the
>> discipline to critique the discipline itself?
>"I am no doubt not the only one who writes in order to have no face. Do
>not ask me who I am and do not ask me to remain the same: leave it to our
>bureaucrats and our police to see that our papers are in order." Michel
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