RE: Weber, hell and profession

Mthrond and other members of the list: Thank you very much for your answers.
As Foucault didn´t write a lot about the protestant free conscious exam
(obviously it has to do with pitagoric, stoical and epicurean exam, but it
is not exactly the same thing), I was trying to understand this religion´s
scatologie. Nevertheless, although Foucault did´t write much about
protestantism, this exam is not very different from the one -that he does
analyse- that started with Pico della Mirandola, Bacon, and continued in the
develop of sciences.
As far as I have learnt of you all, in protestantism there are two exams,
one autonomous, related to the origin of liberalism and, in general,
modernity, and the other, conservative, heteronomous, that depends of god´s

Mthrond: I did´t meant that Weber said that professional vocation in the
context of calvinist predestination is a legitimation of work´s division.
Weber analysed vocation related to protestantism, but it was me that tryed
to understand the meaning of the predestination related to work.


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