Re: subjectivity in a networked society

See "Intellectuals and Power" in _Language, Counter-Memory, Practice:
Selected Essays and Interviews_ Ed. by Donald Bouchard (Ithica: Cornell Uni
Press, 1977). It is also in _Foucault Live: Collected Interviews, 1961-1984_
Ed. by Sylvere Lotringer (New York: Semiotext(e), 1996).


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Date: Tuesday, 8 June 1999 11:34
Subject: Re: subjectivity in a networked society

>Hi Y'All
>As a recent inductee to what is really a fascinating Foucault community I
>need to procede with caution lest my Foucault fanaticism begin to infect my
>otherwise sound capacity for common sense...
>As a study tool, however, this list server is really very exciting. With
>this in mind I want to pose a question to this cyber community; On a number
>of occasions later in his writings Foucault comes to describe his
>intellectual project as akin to a tool kit where other 'specific'
>intellectuals might take certain of his analytical concepts, stratagems and
>'tools' for use in the analysis of localised and specific struggles in the
>relations of power and their effects. I am intriqued by this metaphor as I
>find it of some use in coming to understand both Foucault's work and his
>legacy to us as scholars, activists and thinkers. To this end, I come to
>the group asking for any references anyone might be able to recall of those
>writings, interviews and articles where Foucault uses this metaphor in
>describing his work. I have come across a few but know there is bound to be
>more. I'd really appreciate people posting any references/citations or
>comments they might deem worthwhile...
>cameron duff
>department of government
>university of queensland

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