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Shelley Tremain wrote:

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> Call for Abstracts/Proposals
> for an interdisciplinary collection on Foucault and disability
> Title: Foucault and the Government of Disability
> Editors:
> Shelley Tremain, Ph.D. (Genetic Counselling Project, Roeher Institute,
> Canada)
> Dan Goodley, Ph.D. (Disability Research Unit, Leeds University, UK)
> This call seeks abstracts and proposals for papers to be included in an
> edited interdisciplinary collection of essays on Foucault and
> disability. The starting point for this collection is the observation
> that writers in disability studies have not availed themselves of the
> insights which the work of Michel Foucault offers them in their analyses
> of modern forms of disablement. This neglect of the ways in which
> Foucauldian analyses could enrich and expand the scope of theoretical
> practices in the field seems surprising, given the huge circulation
> which Foucault's work has enjoyed in the domains of feminist studies,
> critical race theory, queer studies, and other oppositional discourses.
> This neglect is especially surprising, furthermore, given that the birth
> of modern perceptions of disease and the body (1973), the social
> production of madness (1973) and technologies of normalization (1980)
> were among the topics which Foucault closely inspected.
> This edited collection should, however, begin to correct the absence of
> Foucauldian analyses from the field. We aim to produce a collection of
> writing by emerging and established writers, which demonstrates the
> various uses of Foucault's work for disability studies, activism, and
> policy. The book is intended for use in courses on disability studies,
> cultural studies, philosophy and other disciplines in the humanities and
> social sciences, but will also be of interest to service providers,
> cultural workers, and policy makers. Graduate students and individuals
> who have previously not had opportunities to publish their work are
> especially encouraged to submit proposals. The following are among the
> topics which papers to be included in the book might address:
> -the usefulness of genealogy for disability studies,
> -archaeological and genealogical excavations of medical, juridical, and
> administrative discourses on impairment, disability and handicap,
> -the governance and disciplining of the disabled body,
> -the objectification and constitution of physical, cognitive and sensory
> "impairments,"
> -the social construction of incompetence
> -disabled lives in normalising society,
> -prevention, pre-natal screening, and the government of ?risk,'
> -naturalising discourses and the subject of impairment,
> -rehabilitation, reconstruction, prostheses, and the production of
> docile bodies.
> Titles and abstracts/proposals for papers to be considered for inclusion
> in Foucault and the Government of Disability should be sent to Shelley
> Tremain at s_tremain@xxxxxxxxxxxx and Dan Goodley at
> spldg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Deadline for titles and proposals/abstracts: January 8, 2001. Notices
> of intention to submit an abstract are appreciated before November 30,
> 2000. Abstracts should be 300 max.
> Completed papers must be no longer than 7,500 words, and will be edited
> for style, content, punctuation and grammar. We are currently
> negotiating with an editor at University of Michigan Press to have the
> collection published in its Disability and Society series.
> For further information or to make enquiries about submitting abstracts
> to this innovative collection, contact either Dr. Tremain or Dr. Goodley
> at their respective email addresses given above.
> Best Regards,
> Shelley Tremain and Dan Goodley

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