if -- And

Sometimes I wonder what sort of homosexual F. was.
Was he a bottom, a top or a top bottom and what sort
of rules of enunciation he followed in the S&M bars of
San Fran gay? Did he take it up the butt? Up the
sweetbuttocks of his genius arse? Strange his friend
D. does not discuss that in his book called Foucault.

I also wish to reiterate what PG has stated. Nearly
every woman on this list has received backchannel
mails from male academics on this list. They often
come with the claim that were invited merely because
the sender had addressed them in general mails. This
is not uncommon. Most of these men are the 'better'
small name 'stars' in the O so male world of Guattar
and Deleuzian stories. This is typical anyhow; Deleuze
was cheating with Claire Parnet for years. This was
discussed by Depelch in his recent book about Deleuze.
Not that I am moralizing about that act, but the males
in the various lists that I am on are all
backchannelers. Could backchannelling be a form of

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