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I don't know and couldn't care less. Have you ever thought of starting a
discussion list of your own, such as "sex lives of famous academics," or
"top academics get down and dirty," or something like that? Just think
of it: you could be the founder of a yahoo club! (Yes, that is with a
small 'y').

second name wrote:
> Sometimes I wonder what sort of homosexual F. was.
> Was he a bottom, a top or a top bottom and what sort
> of rules of enunciation he followed in the S&M bars of
> San Fran gay? Did he take it up the butt? Up the
> sweetbuttocks of his genius arse? Strange his friend
> D. does not discuss that in his book called Foucault.
> ---
> I also wish to reiterate what PG has stated. Nearly
> every woman on this list has received backchannel
> mails from male academics on this list. They often
> come with the claim that were invited merely because
> the sender had addressed them in general mails. This
> is not uncommon. Most of these men are the 'better'
> small name 'stars' in the O so male world of Guattar
> and Deleuzian stories. This is typical anyhow; Deleuze
> was cheating with Claire Parnet for years. This was
> discussed by Depelch in his recent book about Deleuze.
> Not that I am moralizing about that act, but the males
> in the various lists that I am on are all
> backchannelers. Could backchannelling be a form of
> rape?
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