Re: insist/repetition

>>> cwduff@xxxxxxxxxxx 07/11/01 03:22 AM >>>
tell no lies and I shall
cite no histories sortires stories in quote -- crippled kids -- stones --
West Bank -- Jericho // Wild boys of West Bank hurled their sad stones --
break through the gray room -- back room boys of discourse curious?? Not me.
I am the slide of petrol and degenerative grammar --- Curious, who me? I am
rhetoric that sides its middle // the sad boys of genet swooped down on the
hawk kill that Oedipal virus -- that one god monster village -- blow that
type? >>

Some of Foucault's famous modesty might well be in order. You seem to cast yourself not only in the role of universal as opposed to speciofic intellectual, but universal oracle.

By the way, I don't argue with your politics, but your self-importance.

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