Re: foucault and islam

Hi Mark

There is some commentary on it in the biographies (Macey, Miller and Eribon)
and the work of Jeremy Carrette, Foucault and Religion is worth a look.
There is also the collection edited by Carrette, Michel Foucault, Religion
and Culture which has an essay and some commentary. James Bernauer's Michel
Foucault: Force of Flight is good as an introduction, and he's a Jesuit
priest so it probably has some openings to religious issues (it was a while
since i read it). The 1975-76 lecture course at the College de France <<Il
faut defendre la societe>> (Gallimard/Seuil 1997, English translation
apparently forthcoming) is useful in understanding why Foucault was so
fascinated by Iran. This last point is due to an anonymous reviewer from
boundary 2 who made that comment when reviewing my piece on <<Il faut>> (now
coming out next year). I hadn't thought it myself, but when he/she mentioned
it it did make some sense.

Some of that you doubtless knew, but hope at least something is of use.

Best wishes

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