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<P>Mark and Jasper</P>
<P>As far as I understand Said's work does not treat Islam as such. He uses Foucault's work (in fact I should say certain aspects of Foucault's archealogical method) to analyse how in West perceptions about&nbsp;Orient and Islam evolved (particulary during the colinal period). Strictly speaking Said's work falls under the Postcolonial studies and has&nbsp;almost nothing to do with Islam. </P>
<P>I think Bryan S. Turner's (1994)&nbsp;Orientalism, postmodernism and globalism London Routledge is more fruitful although he does not treat Foucault at length. He also develops a critique of Said's book on Orientalism. You might also find his biblography useful.</P>
<P>Another well known book on Islam and Postmodernism is that of Akbar S Ahmed (1992) Postmodern and Islam&nbsp; London Routledge, although as far as I can remeber he does not treat Foucault at all. Any way Ahmed's book is not a serious study at all although it has been popular in many circles.</P>
<P>Another book which comes to mind is Gellner's 1992 Postmodernism Reason and Religon London Routledge. Gellner has few references to Foucault and he also says something about Iranian revolution but not necessarily from the Foucauldian perspective.</P>
<P>I have recently submitted a paper (Islamic Studies International Islamci University Islamabad) called, "From the 'death of God' to the 'death of man": Towards a new genealogy of Western Civilisation. It is based on an interpretation of certain themes in The Order of Things and relates them to the work of Kant and Nietzsche. I also try to develope an initial Islamic critique of Foucault (as I understand him) but this is still a very general outline.</P>
<P>I am currently preparing to embark on a paper lenght study provisionally entitled as An Islamic Critique of Foucault. But that will take some time&nbsp;before it is completed.</P>
<P>If any one of you would like to see my above mentioned paper, I will be most happy to provide the soft copy of it. </P>
<DIV></DIV>Edward Said has made use of Foucault to analyse the Western perspective
<DIV></DIV>on islam and 'orientals'. His books, including his classic work
<DIV></DIV>"Orientalism", might be a very good place to start.
<DIV></DIV>I would be interested in other sources on the subject you find. Just
<DIV></DIV>send them to me directly if the list does not pick up on this subject.
<DIV></DIV>Mark LeVine wrote:
<DIV></DIV>&gt; can anyone refer me to any work that's been done on foucault and islam,
<DIV></DIV>&gt; especially on his coverage of the iranian revolution that appeared in
<DIV></DIV>&gt; the italian and french press.
<DIV></DIV>&gt; thanks!
<DIV></DIV>&gt; mark levine
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