Re: foucault and islam

I sent a reply yesterday that doesn't seem to have come through, so
apologies if you receive this twice.

I mentioned Jeremy Carrette, Foucault and Religion and the edited collected
of Foucault essays, Religion and Culture. Both have references to the Iran
work and Islam. The three biographies (Eribon, Macey and Miller) have
something on that period of his work. And you might also want to look at
<<Il faut defendre la societe>> as that sets a good context for the
involvement. Bernauer, Force of Flight is useful on hints to religious
issues more generally. Of course, there are many more pieces about Iran than
are available in English. Check Dits et ecrits, Vol III if I recall

And of Said's work, Covering Islam might be the most useful.

Hope that helps


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