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I'd be very gratefull too, if you would send me one.


Ali Rizvi wrote:

> Mark and Jasper
> As far as I understand Said's work does not treat Islam as such. He
> uses Foucault's work (in fact I should say certain aspects of
> Foucault's archealogical method) to analyse how in West perceptions
> about Orient and Islam evolved (particulary during the colinal
> period). Strictly speaking Said's work falls under the Postcolonial
> studies and has almost nothing to do with Islam.
> I think Bryan S. Turner's (1994) Orientalism, postmodernism and
> globalism London Routledge is more fruitful although he does not treat
> Foucault at length. He also develops a critique of Said's book on
> Orientalism. You might also find his biblography useful.
> Another well known book on Islam and Postmodernism is that of Akbar S
> Ahmed (1992) Postmodern and Islam London Routledge, although as far
> as I can remeber he does not treat Foucault at all. Any way Ahmed's
> book is not a serious study at all although it has been popular in
> many circles.
> Another book which comes to mind is Gellner's 1992 Postmodernism
> Reason and Religon London Routledge. Gellner has few references to
> Foucault and he also says something about Iranian revolution but not
> necessarily from the Foucauldian perspective.
> I have recently submitted a paper (Islamic Studies International
> Islamci University Islamabad) called, "From the 'death of God' to the
> 'death of man": Towards a new genealogy of Western Civilisation. It is
> based on an interpretation of certain themes in The Order of Things
> and relates them to the work of Kant and Nietzsche. I also try to
> develope an initial Islamic critique of Foucault (as I understand him)
> but this is still a very general outline.
> I am currently preparing to embark on a paper lenght study
> provisionally entitled as An Islamic Critique of Foucault. But that
> will take some time before it is completed.
> If any one of you would like to see my above mentioned paper, I will
> be most happy to provide the soft copy of it.
> regards
> ali
> Mark, Edward Said has made use of Foucault to analyse the Western
> perspective on islam and 'orientals'. His books, including his classic
> work "Orientalism", might be a very good place to start. I would be
> interested in other sources on the subject you find. Just send them to
> me directly if the list does not pick up on this subject. Jesper. Mark
> LeVine wrote: > > can anyone refer me to any work that's been done on
> foucault and islam, > especially on his coverage of the iranian
> revolution that appeared in > the italian and french press. > >
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