What is your name again, you, the one there who is
attacking arab people and saying they are all out to
kill your idea, your deluded notions... Goodness,
where does a person like that get off on the lists...
But better that speak here... yes, perhaps to learn.
No Mister, you err. Not all Arab people wish to harm
your precious paranoid beings. They, like many of my
own countrymen are too busy just barely managing to
stay alive. You are so uninformed.Please go and read
the history of your noble nation; then go back and
read M. Foucault and the others, and you might get a
flash of enlightenment and see how wrong you are. How
very wrong, how devastatingly wrong. And how Others
pay, how we the Others pay. Or at least Homi Babha. I
will moderate my tone. I will be calm with idiots like

Yes, may the gods and goddesses, Dharma and Kali aid
me in the desire to be calm in the face of ignorance
and murderous stupidity.

Yours truly and all that rot.

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