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>In what logic You'll be caught if everyday a mad arab
>is running around with bomb in your country?
>If it was up to the arabs, the israel people should be
>placed in a tiny place somewhere in the desert,
>everything else belongs to them.

Yes, so? That in no way redeems what is going on from the side of the Israeli

>And again, You are not philosopphers. The philosopher
>knows that the reality is realy complicated and never
>is that simple, to be expresed in the terms of the

Who here has said that racism is not complex?

Remember this : racism was invented in the
>west, to the rest of the world it is unknown.

The term racism may have been invented in the west, and the normalizing forms
of categorization maybe as well, but so what? It has been adapted very easily

>ethnic cleansing and the racism is invented and
>belongs to the culture of the west,

Of course, there's no such thing as a non-Western genocide (Cambodia, Turkey).
As I recall from my Hebrew school, just about every Jewish holiday involved a
celebration that some bastard way back when didn't succeed in exterminating

so the west wants
>to recognise in the rest of the wrold some racism,
>without to think about the fact , that the rest of the
>world is completely disaware about the meaning of it.

In this modern/postmodern world it is ludicrous to think that no one else
understands the meaning of the word. In any event, self-defense of the
nation-state, the idea of ownership of the land (it was my ancestor's) and the
like are also "Western inventions." Zionism was a western movement, and one
that in certain ways was forced upon non-Western Jews.

For those who have not been totally turned off to this, Virginia Dominguez's
People as Subject, People as Object provides a very thoughtful account of the
complexities and ambiguities of Jewish-Israeli identity, in its relation to a
myriad of others (both other Jews and various Arab groups).

>Zhivko Georgiev


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