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I saw Flynn speak on the subject, but I'm afraid I've learned more from this list than I did from the lecture (however polished and professional it may have been).


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Thanks. That was my sense of the earlier work. What's interesting, for me,
is the development to the later work, and his claim that it was indeed a
development or 'depassement' from the earlier, rather than its refutation.
'Search' does indeed make that claim, but within a new context. Like Allen,
I think that Sartre's later work bears close examination, and that Foucault
is wrestling with a similar concern (even if not following the same line).

Has anyone read Thomas Flynn's work on Sartre and Foucault?

I guess I'd have plenty to say about Clifford's last post on Sartre (and
Heidegger), but he looks to have gone. As this isn't a Sartre list I won't
continue that particular thread.

I do hope to have some time soon to attempt a response to Ali on the notion
of event.


> Just to clear up one thing: Sartre certainly DID claim that "man makes
> himself"; indeed he claimed it incessantly. In fact, even in Search for a
> Method, a late (post-existentialist) work, Sartre attributes the view that
> human beings make themselves to "the ideology of existence," which was his
> name (at that time) for his former view (which he often explicates via
> Kierkegaard commentary).
> In case, for some reason, anyone wishes to read an example, here is one:
> "Man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself. That is the
> prinicple of existentialism." (Sartre, "Existentialism is a Humanism")
> Steve.
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