Television as an object of discourse

Thanks for the suggestions. The way I want to look at it is to embed the
discussion within the parameters of "the objects". more precisely:

1. what are the surfaces of their emergence?
2. what are the authorities of delimitation? (is it just the market
research agencies, the academia,etc?)
3. what are the grids of specification?
4. what are the *secondary relations* in a television discourse?
5. when Foucault says, the *objects of discourse are at the limit of
discourse* how does it apply to say, audience research in television? or
textual analysis?

It would have been easy for me to go the anthropological way, and just say
that making a subject *strange* is the first step to dealing with it
intellectually/academically. but thats too easy and to me sounds shallow.
also, i needed something that could bring diverse fields together (political
economy, textual analysis, audience studies, psychoanalysis and the viewer,
feminist criticism, genres and so on, and the sweep seems possible with

does anyone know of resources/books/journal articles that deal with

thanks for the suggestions so far.


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