Foucault's critical project and Habermas Foucault debate

Is anybody reading or have already read Beatrice Han's Foucault's Critical
Project: Between the transcednetnal and the historical? The book was
published back in 1998 in French but english version has just come out.
Havent read it yet but on intitial borowsing (and with some prior
information about its content) seems interesting. Two things strike me at
once. One is its emphasis on Kantian heritage of Foucault and the other its
the consideration of transcendetnal theme in Foucault as central. Back in
1996 I had written my masters dissertation on similar themes and am
interested in this aspect of Foucault since then. I would very much like to
share with others interested in similar themes.

Also I am looking to initiate a discussion regarding Foucault's conception
of ontology and epistemology and their relation in the context of his
overall thought. I think this topic is closely related to Foucault's
relation with Kant and his conception of transcendence.

I am currently working on a comparative study about Foucault and Habermas
based on their respective conception of epistemology and ontology and would
like to get in touch with anybody out there interested in this or related
themes. Normally Habermas and Focuault are considered very different and at
times thinkers at war against each other. But there are close affinities
nevertheless which I think are worth pursuing not with the aim of levelling
differences but with the aim of understanding divergences and convergences
that constitute our present.

Best regards
and happy new year to all listers.


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