call for papers - MAAOE 03 20-24 Oct - Melbourne

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The theme for the conference is "Excellence in the Face of Crisis".

Just as excellence can mean many things, so can crisis be many things. For example:

financial crisis
political crisis
environmental crisis
social crisis
and so on ...
Most business parameters can be in a state of crisis at one time or another.

The way people deal with crisis shapes the ability of their organisation to be or become excellent. We wish to encourage the widest interpretation of information and organisation from those submitting papers.

It is intended to structure the theme in terms of organisational members (internal), the market or target group for output (customers/clients), and the wider world (the community). The organisations themselves of course, may be private or public sector or a partnership mixture.

Submission Dates of Papers

Submission Date of Abstract, Bio, Form

Final date for submission of an abstract and biography is 4 May 2003, but we strongly encourage people to submit these well in advance of this date so that authors will have more time to meet the completed paper submission deadline . We will strive to send you the feedback on the acceptance of the abstract and/or suggested modifications within a week.

The initial call is for the abstract Submission Form, a 100 - word biographical note (appended to the end of the abstract) and an abstract of the paper in not more than 250 words providing an outline of the areas to be explored in the paper and the nature of the conclusions for a fully referred peer review. This must be sent via e-mail as a word or text attachment to: sri@xxxxxxxxxxx.

All authors will be informed if their papers have been accepted by the review panel. All conference papers will be edited by our Technical Committee.

You should then submit the full paper

Submission Date of Final Paper

Final date for submission of conference paper - 1st August 2003.

Feedback will be sent to confirm acceptance of paper by 29 August 2003. Early bird for presenters will be cut off on 29 August 03. After that presenters will be required to pay full fee and cut off for full fee is 26 September 2003.

The WinWord processed conference paper, not exceeding 10-pages, camera-ready format provided by the secretariat should be sent via e-mail to: sri@xxxxxxxxxxx.

These are needed this early to ensure a good quality conference proceeding book and CD rom are produced in time for the conference. Those papers received after that date may not be included in proceedings.

Proceedings and Publications A summary of each paper presented at the 4th MAAOE will be printed in a bound Conference Proceedings (book form called, "Organisational Excellence in the Face of Crisis") and full papers will be recorded on a CD rom, copies of which will be provided to each participant. Style sheets for submission to the proceedings will be sent to you after your paper has been accepted.

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