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> I have noticed that
> feminists have extended that idea to male gaze. Chris Weedon (1987, p. 23)
> is a Feminist who suggests that paternalistic society has supressed feminine
> aspects of humanity through something that could be described as a
> Foucauldian gaze.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I know very little about feminism, but doesn't this
sort of imply that there are innate 'female' and 'male' human natures, and
that society is allowing one to suppress the other? I mean, wouldn't Foucault say
that masculine and feminine aspects have been constructed by society? I have
a feeling that there is some connection with the 'repressive hypothesis.' What
exactly do feminists say is being supressed/repressed, and where exactly is
this supposed to come from? It doesn't sound very Foucauldian to me, but again,
please educate me w/r/t feminism.


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