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I think it is a problematic issue only if we take an old view of freedom to
our heart. A view of freedom which counterpose freedom to limits. However, I
believe, Foucuault is working with an entirely different and a new
conception of freedom where limits are considered as the condition of
freedom and not necessarily hinderence to it.[And I believe Foucault took
this conception of freedom from Heidegger] Only cenrtain constellations of
limits produce domination not limits per se. That is why analysis must be
concrete and historically specific.

About books I am not sure but Foucault's own books are a starting point. May
be if you have not read Foucualt before start with Foucault Reader.

Best luck.

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Any thoughts on how to reconcile the subject that's a product of the
technologies of power with the self creating subject of the technologies of
the self? any books that you can recommend on the matter? is it a
problematic issue or not?

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