RE: Subjects

Dear All,

Like Stuart I want to apoligise as well for posting the mail to the list. In
fact I did it twice that day so pretty unforgivable!

I also thank Stuart for this very rich post. It containst references and
information that is of great help to me. I hope it was useful for others
too. It would be great if others could pick up some threads in the post and
build up a useful dicsussion.

Like Stuart I really like the course Il faut defendre la societe. It
provides a whole new bases for rethinking the issues of liberalism,
constitution, state etc. I think it also sheds a fresh light on how to
theorize the victory of bourgeois revolution in the West. It also provides a
refreshing new look and wealth of information on how to reject the myth of
liberal state as an arbitrator among warring parties. As it demolishes the
myth of constitution as enacted by ?the people?.

As far as Kant thesis is concerned it seems to me crucial in understanding
certain arguments that are not obvious in the Order of Things. Thus I think
the two Kant thesis is already present there in the Order of Things but it
is hard to see without recourse to the Kant thesis. Similarly I agree with
Stuart that Kant thesis is a very Nietzschean work as is I think the Order
of Things. But more than that I think both works are very Kantian works too,
at least they are reinterpretation of Kant in the wake of Nietzsche. So
paradoxically I think in both works Nietzsche is invoked not for Nietzsche?s
sake but for Kant?s sake at least for a Foucauldian Kant?s sake.

I would like to say more but for the moment i stop here to see if there is
sufficiant interest.


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