obscure Foucault questions

in contrast to the recent entertaining traffic I've been humourlessly
complaining about, I need help with some really spoddy questions arising
from my recent close reading of 'The Subject and Power', the stuff by
Foucault which first appeared as the original appendix to Breyfus and
Rabinow's book 'Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics'.
Part of this was originally written in English and part in French - does
anyone have any idea if the version in Dits et ecrits went back to the
original French version or if it is retranslated from the English?
Does anyone know anything more about when and where this stuff was written
and why it was written in different languages?
Lastly, a lot of this piece has strong resonances with the analytical
philosophy of action, in ways indeed in which it bears almost no realtion to
Foucault's other stuff. I wonder if he might not have come into contact with
that stuff in America, but can't think how I'd even begin finding that out -
there's nothing on that score in the biographies.
not holding my breath,

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