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I agree with David on the importance of these books. I think N Rose's
inaugural lecture at goldshimit was really pathbreaking in this regard [see
Nicholas Rose (1993) Towards a Critical Sociology of Freedom Inaugural
Lecture delivered on 5 May 1992 at Goldsmith College University of London
Goldsmiths College Occasional Paper]. And btw there is a whole book on the
issue of Freedom and Foucault [
Michel Foucault and the politics of freedom / Thomas L. Dumm. Thousand Oaks,
Calif : SAGE Publications, c1996.]. Havent read it all through to the end
but seems interesting and promising.


Hi Mariana,
In addition to Ali's suggestions, in the secondary literature some of the
material on governmentality might be useful regarding this issue.
I'd recommend:
Nikolas Rose, _Powers of Freedom_ (1999)
Barry Hindess, _Discourses of Power_ (1996)
Mitchell Dean, _Governmentality_ (1999)
There are of course a number of other equally good books on this topic, I
just happen to have read these three right through. I'm pretty sure there
was material in each of these on the issue at hand, certainly in the Hindess
book. Also see Vol 3 of _Essential Works_ (Power) for relevant writings by
_L'Hermeneutique du sujet : Cours au Collge de France (1981-1982)_ has been
published in France and I presume an English translation will be published
by Picador sometime in the next year. I have been reading the English
translation of _Il faut dfendre la socit_ ('Society Must Be Defended',
Picador, 2003) and have found it very useful regarding Foucault's thinking
on history and power. That was given shortly before a rethinking of aspects
of his work on power that has been alluded to and you can see there that
Foucault is grappling with the effects of the 'repressive hypothesis' within
his own work. Worth reading for sure.

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> Hi Mariana,
> If you want to pursue the conception of freedom I mention further. I
> recommend the following
> 1) Fred A Dallmayr "Ontology of Freedom, Heidegger and Political
> Political theory vol 12 no. 2 May 1984: 204-234.
> 2) Martin Heidegger, The essence of human freedom : an introduction to
> philosophy ,
> London : Continuum, 2002.
> For Foucault's cocneption of freedom on this line, I recomment the
> following.
> 1) Olivia Custer Exercising Freedom: Kant and Foucault,
> 1998; 42(Supp): 137-146.
> For Foucault on Freedom and Subject see a short but essential piece
> Subject and Power, by Foucault reproduced in Dreyfus and Rabinow's
> as Afterward alos reprduced in Essential Foucault vol. 3
> On subject generally history of sexuality as you say is important but
> Discipline and Punsihment which is essentially a history of modern
> (see on his Stuart Elden, Mappying the Present) and also Foucualt's
> entitled, L'Hermeneutique du sujet : Cours au Collge de France
> Also see, LHermneutique du sujet: Cours au Collge de France (1981-82)
> (Michel Foucault), The Heythrop Journal, Vol 44 No 1, January 2003, pp.
> 88-91 by Stuart Elden. We had also a discussion gropu on this. Some one
> here might have its archives saved with them.
> I have a very rough draft of a long paper on Foucualt and freedom. If you
> like i would be happy to forward it.
> Best
> ali
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> Hi Ali,
> that's a good point you make. It's very difficult for me to think about
> freedom that way. That's why I was asking, not to read Foucault the way I
> think, but to understand what he really means.
> Now I'm going to rethink things in those terms. I've got new
> but maybe I'll find an answer as I develop these ideas.
> I need to read more Foucault, considering I've only read
> -Technologies of the Self: A Seminar With Michel Foucault;
> -The History of Sexuality: Volume 1, an Introduction;
> -The History of Sexuality: Volume 2, The Use of Pleasure;
> -The History of Sexuality: Volume 3, The Care of The Self;
> -A verdade e as formas juridicas.
> Knowing that and bearing in mind that I'm interested in the relation
> between the subjects and freedom, what should I read next? any
> Best regards,
> Mariana
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> Hi
> I think it is a problematic issue only if we take an old view of
> freedom to
> our heart. A view of freedom which counterpose freedom to limits.
> However, I
> believe, Foucuault is working with an entirely different and a new
> conception of freedom where limits are considered as the condition of
> freedom and not necessarily hinderence to it.[And I believe Foucault took
> this conception of freedom from Heidegger] Only cenrtain constellations
> limits produce domination not limits per se. That is why analysis must
> concrete and historically specific.
> About books I am not sure but Foucault's own books are a starting
> point. May
> be if you have not read Foucualt before start with Foucault Reader.
> Best luck.
> ali
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> Subject: Subjects
> Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 09:04:18 -0300
> Any thoughts on how to reconcile the subject that's a product of the
> technologies of power with the self creating subject of the technologies
> the self? any books that you can recommend on the matter? is it a
> problematic issue or not?
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