RE: Subjects and Freedom or Bodies and Pleasure?

Paul Allen Miller
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>>> stuartelden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 07/15/03 07:46 AM >>>

>Likewise, saying there is no real difference between the late Foucault
and the earlier Foucault is clearly a vast oversimplification (this was
implied in earlier posting, not yours), even if you can see traces of
his later interests already in the early work.

Yes, but the reverse is true too. There is the danger that the 1970-75
1976-1984 publication 'gaps' lead us to believe that there are major
transitions in his work, instead of gradual working at questions and
allowing the approach and terminology to be shaped by the material
uncovered. The lecture courses will fill in these 'gaps' even more than
shorter writings, best seen in Dits et ecrits, already do. A full
translation of Dits et ecrits would be a serious event in English
scholarship. The 'Essential' Foucault is a disgrace (I've said this

Agreed on both points. I think volume 4 of Dits and Ecrits really has
to be read almost in full to understand what is going on in the last two
volumes for the History of Sexuality.


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