RE: Foucault and the analytical philosophy

> Yes, that must be the one. I had it in a xerox form, but not with me at
> the moment.
> At 12:21 PM 7/17/2003 +0930, you wrote:
> >Nate, do you mean the translation of 'What is an author?' in Bouchard's
> >collection of Foucault's essays?

Although these are different versions, both omit parts of the French text -
the prefatory remarks of Jean Wahl, Foucault's response, and the discussion
that follows. The French also shows where passages were omitted or were
different in the two versions of the text, so makes comparison much easier.

To summarise, the lecture was given in two forms

1969 Paris -> Language, Counter-Memory Practice
1970 US -> Textual Strategies -> Foucault Reader -> Essential Foucault

The note in Essential Works Vol II, p. 205 is completely misleading. It
implies that the version published is the original lecture in Paris, which
Foucault modified when he gave it in the US. Instead, like the Foucault
Reader, this is the modified version.

However, this does mean that the passages Nate is mentioning as interesting
in relation to Analytic philosophy were _not_ in the version delivered in
the US. Interesting in itself, but not for quite the reasons suggested.


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