An unpublished Foucault conference offer...


While trying to get rid of very old stuff of mine, I found that I had with me a
conference pronounced by Foucault at the Universite de Montreal in 1976 that
remains - to my knowledge - unpublished. It is mentionned in Dits et Ecrits in
a footnote to an interview he gave to a Montreal journalist where the
conference is mentionned, but for some reason it hasn't been included in the
Volume as the absence of supra or infra number reveals.

The context of the conference was a week dedicated to the alternatives to
prison where he was asked to talk about the 'faillite' (failure) of the prison.
He must have felt pretty provocative that week for he started the conference by
outlining (in front of an army of criminologists) how he was embarassed by
having to talk about the failure of the prison (since he thought it worked
fine) and to talk about alternatives (because he said that he didn't see as
alternatives many of the mechanisms that were to fulfill the same functions)!

In any case, if anybody is interested I could try to set it up on the web site
of the 'laboratoire' where I'm affiliated - and could even try to translate it
(since it is obviously in French for now). By the way, anyone knowing about any
potential legal problems concerning this project would be very kind to let me
know. Also, would somebody know if the Foucault people in Paris would be
interested - and if so, could I get the e-mal to get in touch with them?


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