the social (foucault) and the lifeworld (habermas)

Could anyone provide me with explanations or sources (e.g., books, articles)
concerning a conceptual relationship between Foucault's "the social" and
Habermas's "the lifeworld"? For Foucault, the social is--very crudely
put!--a realm of trans-individual structures, identities, culture, and
social needs and risks, at which welfare policies are targeted. And this
description of the social somehow makes me think that the social is,
"translated" in the Habermasian terms, a space in the lifeworld (or the
lifeworld itself?) in which encroachment by the state-administrative system
is most clearly effected.

Hmm, I'm confused. Probably I should find out more precisely what Foucault
meant by "the social."


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