MP3 files of Foucault's lectures

Hello All,
last week I offered to put on my personal website MP3 files of Foucault's lectures that can be listen to in audio stream via the France Culture website.

However, I am afraid that I will not be able to keep my word in that regard. My personal website is hosted by the university at which I study. The university provides me with 5 megs of space on its server to set up my website whereas each mp3 files that I have made of Foucault's lectures have a size of roughly 30 megs.

If somebody on the list has a website which has enough space to contain these files and, hence, to offer them, I would gladly send them to him or her by some means.

If not, then the only way for any one of you to get these files would be by using the Kazaa software which allows files transfer in a peer-to-peer (computer-to-computer) fashion.

In this respect, if you do have Kazaa (if not you can get it for free on the web), make a search in the audio files category by using the name Foucault as a keyword. This shoud allow you to find the files that I have on my computer and download them to yours.

Finally, I would like to specify that I have made mp3 files of each one of the five lectures of the week that was dedicated to the birth of biopolitics (i.e., naissance de la biopolitique). I haven't yet made files of the lectures of the week on il faut défendre la société since a book which contains the edited transcript of these lectures has already been published and I have it and read it.

So I am sorry if was not able to deliver on my promise to offer these files on my website. I wish I could...

Richard Levesque

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