Re: Foucault at Radio France

Hello all,
regarding the lectures of Foucault that are available on the
web site of France Culture, I have used a software called Total Recorder to
transfer many of them into MP3 format.

If anybody is interested in having these files, I could put them on my
personnal website and let people download them from there.

So, if any one wants these files, let me know about it by sending me a
message to my personnal e-mail (i.e., not to the list). My e-mail is:


Note that the lectures are in French.

Richard Levesque

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> further to some discussion that was going on a while ago about listening
> Foucault's College lectures, I can't remember if anyone mentioned this,
> audio of some of Foucault's lectures is available online at Radio France:
> /prog.php

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