Some questions from Michel Foucault to Herodote

As is fairly well known, in 1976 Foucault was interviewed by the French
Marxist geography journal Herodote (No 1, pp. 71-85). The interview is
reprinted in Dits et ecrits, Vol III, pp. 28-40, and translated in
Power/Knowledge, pp. 63-77.

In the third issue of this journal, Foucault asked some questions back. As
far as I know these questions have never been published in English (they are
in Dits et ecrits, Vol III, pp. 94-5). Foucault's questions back to the
journal touch upon many of the issues discussed in the interview, but raise
some important issues of their own - namely the relation of strategy and war
to understandings of power and knowledge and geography's understanding of
strategy; the role of science in relation to geography - a science of
space?; geography's understanding of power and its broadening away from a
notion of production; and the possibility of a geography of medicine.

The questions are only about 400 words, but they seem to me to be quite
interesting in terms of the relation between Foucault and geography. I have
made a translation of this piece, but have not attempted to secure
translation rights as yet. I was wondering what to do with this - either to
write a commentary and submit it to a journal; to try to get a journal
special issue where different people responded to the questions; or to use
it as the basis for an edited collection which assessed Foucault's relation
to geography and vice versa.

Any suggestions would be very useful. I'd rather not circulate the draft
translation at this point.


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