Foucualt and Marx

hello all,

i have been reading with great interest the flurry of posts on foucault and
marx. i have been lurking for some time now on this list. my name is mark
coté and i am a doctoral candidate in the school of communication at simon
fraser university in vancouver bc. i am in the midst of writing my
dissertation which considers the relationship between foucault and marx.
more specifically, i'm looking at lines of affinity between foucault and
aspects of italian autonomous marxism. mine is a modest contribution to a
theoretical trajectory that is already well underway (perhaps manifested
most prominently in hardt and negri's reliance on the concept of
'biopolitical production' in empire).
i am including the link to a paper i presented at a conference recently on
what i call 'the italian foucault.' any comments, of course, would be most
welcome. thanks.
btw, inexplicably, the version published in politics and culture has no
footnotes, so i've attached a msword file for those interested in the

The Italian Foucault: Subjectivity, Valorization, Autonomia
Mark Cote, Politics and Culture, 2003, Issue 3

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