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I find Jochen's response to be a bit baffling: Foucault maifestly did
believe in resistance to power. What I would say to clarify is that
Foucault does not believe in resistance to power per se, since power
is necessary to human social existence, but rather that there are
always resistances to any given particular instance of power.
I am in the terminal stages of writing a PhD thesis on this very
topic, hence could expand on this for 30,000+ words.
An interesting (but I think ultimately incorrect) account of the
relation between (Foucauldian) power and resistance is occassionally
articulated by Judith Butler, notably in The Psychic Life of Power.

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 12:44:55 +0100, Jochen Hirschle
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> Hi Richard,
> as Foucault did not think of the individual as an active, autonomous, and
> self-governed (in the sense of independent from power-structures) subject, I
> think one could say that there can not be a resistance to power on this
> level at all.
> Regards,
> Jochen
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> Hi there my name is Richard Turner and I am an undergraduate student at the
> Univeristy of Edinburgh.
> The real reason I have joined this list is to try and tap you all for your
> knowledge!! I am struggling a bit with my reading of Foucault and I want to
> know what Foucault would say about what it meant to resist power.
> Can anyone help?
> Richard
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