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Dear Listers,

Given your specific interests on this list-serv, and after having lurked
inactive for a short while, I wanted to send out an invitation to take a
look (if you have not already had the chance) at the quaterly journal TELOS,
and the accompanying bookline (for which serious academic submissions are

Telos enjoys a 40 year tradition as a vanguard of critical thinking in
culture and politics, and devotes substantial work to aesthetics,
hermeneutics, critical theory, German studies, Jewish studies, Socialist as
well as Marxist theory, and pretty much all else of philosophical ilk.

Our archives include original publications from Agnes Heller, Georg Lukács,
Herbert Marcuse, Edmund Husserl, Jean-Paul Sartre, Russell Jacoby, Maurice
Merleau-Ponty, Andrew Arato, Theodor Adorno, Jurgen Habermas, Catherine
Pickstock, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Michel Foucault, Claude Lefort, Lucien
Goldmann, Jean Baudrillard, and many others.

Recent issues of our journal have focused on Carl Schmitt, Peter Szondi, and
Italian Fascism, while recent book titles include "Global War on Liberty" by
Jean-Claude Paye, and "Jihad and Jew-Hatred" by Matthias Kuntzel.

For further edification, please check out, and

Andrew Gemmell
Professor of German Studies and Comparative
Literature Telos Press Publishing

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