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Cheers, I'm interested in this too so I'll try to track them down.

Javed Majeed does a sort of round-about critique of Said in his book on James Mill (Ungoverned Imaginings), tries to replace Foucault with Taylor and ends up with not much Said ... I don't think Majeed had read that much Foucault when he wrote the book, just noted some effects of the way Said reads Foucault (without noting that it is a very specific reading) and then Taylor's reading of Foucault, which seems in many ways similar to Said's, so that Taylor's critique of Foucault could then be applied to Said to resurrect the Subject and then, subsequently, a multicultural form of liberalism.

What a convoluted sentence. Sorry. I hope it makes sense!

On 08/11/2007, at 12:07 PM, Seda Mimaroglu wrote:

I'm afraid not the answer you are looking for but lately I came across two
articles that may be of interest:
Uta Liebmann Schaub "Foucault's Oriental Subtext"
PMLA Vol. 104 No. 3. p.306-316 (1989)

Rosemarie Scullion "Foucault the Orientalist"
South Central Review Vol. 12 No. 2. p.16-40 (1995)

I believe the Schaub article was discussed here as well.

seda mimaroglu.

On Nov 8, 2007 12:39 AM, Mehmet Kentel <mehmet.kentel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

Working on Edward Said's Orientalism for a while, I am wondering if
Foucault had said anything about Said's work. The book, after all, was
published in 1978 and it got immediate response both from academic
circles and popular media. Being a work deeply based on Foucault's
analysis of discourse, I guess Orientalism must have had taken
attention of Foucault too in a six-years time. A brief search, though,
didn't come up with anything. Do you know any article or interview
where Foucault talks about Said?


Mehmet Kentel

Boğaziçi University
Department of Political Science & International Relations
Department of History

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