Re: [Foucault-L] counter-history

On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 10:20:26AM -0500, jonathan nash wrote:
> The phrase "counterhistory" appears on page 79 in the recent David
> Macey translation of *"Society Must Be Defended"* (Picador 2003).
> The sentence follows: "The history of the revolutionary project
> and of revolutionary practice is, I think, indissociable from the
> counterhistory that broke with the Indo-European form of historical
> practices, which were bound up with the exercise of sovereignty; it is
> indissociable from the appearance of the counterhistory of races and
> of the role played in the West by clashes between races."

Coincidentally I came across a text on "revolutionary practice" recently
at the URL below. Not being directly familiar with Marx I found it to
clarify a great deal.

(Off-topic, but this abridged version of the German Ideology really
got me to the point where I feel like the Marxist stuff is familiar: )

Another random comment: the discussion in Actuel has Foucault saying
(IIRC) "society as a whole is to be considered only as something to
be destroyed." He also gives a brief definition of "revolutionary
practice." A very exciting article; Foucault is filled with hope.

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