[Foucault-L] Fwd: Invitation Foucault Spring School 17-21 March 2008

Dear Friends, Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the organisation of an international
"Spring-School" around the work of Michel Foucault which will take place
from March 17-21th, 2008 at the Catholic University of Leuven.

The conveners of this events are the faculties of Social Sciences,
Philosophy and Pedagogy at the KULeuven.

The aim of this spring-school is to gather a number of graduate and
postdoctoral researchers with Foucault-Scholars (a.o. Lois MacNay and
Tomas Lemke) to read, study and discuss some of Foucault's work. You
will find a brief presentation of the aim, structure and cost of this
spring school below.

Deadline for application is January, 23th, 2008

Website information & application:

Please, feel free to spread this announcement.

Best wishes,
Nadia Fadil

(organising committee: Annelies Decat (Phil), Jan Zienkowski
(UA-linguistics), Sarah Scheepers (Soc), Delphine Hesters (Soc), Nadia
Fadil (Soc), Michael Berghman (Soc), Prof. Rudi Laermans (Soc), Prof.
Toon Braekman (Phil), Prof. Jan Masschelein (Ped))


Foucault Spring School 17-21 March 2008, KULeuven

The work of Michel Foucault has gained an increasing popularity in a
number of sub-disciplines of the social sciences and the humanities in
general. Despite its popularity, a profound knowledge of this work often
remains a weakness of many researches who focus mainly on the empirical
application of this theory. To counter this issue, the Foucault Graduate
School aims at creating a space which allows for an in-depth reading and
discussion of a number of key texts of Michel Foucault. To accommodate
this process, three leading Foucault-scholars will give a public lecture
and a Master class.


The Foucault Spring School will be spread over four days.

* Introductory class: an introductory class will be given on the
first day to situate Foucault?s work intellectually and philosophically.
* Public lecture: Foucault-experts will give a public lecture on a
central theme in the work of Foucault. The participants will take this
lecture as a basis for the further reading and discussion of the
Foucault texts.
* Collective reading/discussion: the morning after each public
lecture, participants will meet in small groups to discuss the lecture,
keeping closely in touch with Foucault?s original texts. This reading
session will also serve as a preparation for the Master class with the
* Master class: the participants will reconvene with the
Foucault-expert for further elaboration on certain aspects of the
lecture. The purpose of this Master class is to identify some
interesting or problematic aspects in the work of Foucault (or the
public lecture of the speaker) and to discuss these collectively.
Participants are also encouraged to draw on their own research to
participate in the discussion.

Central themes: the three central themes and key note speakers are:

1. Agency/subjectivity: Prof. Lois McNay
2. Governmentality: Prof. Thomas Lemke
3. Discourse/knowledge: (to be confirmed)

To allow for collective in-depth study, participants will be asked to
read a number of texts prior to the Foucault Spring School.


The Spring School aims at gathering a selected group of 30 to 40 young
researchers (graduate & post-doctoral) engaged with Foucauldian theory.
We hope to reach both national and international students from in- and
outside Europe. Participants will be selected on the basis of their
research interest.

Website information & application see:

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