Re: [Foucault-L] history of sexuality liberation

Thanks for all you responses to my earlier question they were very
interesting. As previously mentioned, I am arguing that 'Theory
matters because it has the capacity to liberate'. I'm linking up Marx
and Foucault. If I open with the idea that John mentioned:

"[Foucault is dubious about the traditional idea of liberation (in
it's enlightenment garb)] because power is essentially maintained
through discourses that are always circulating and there is no freedom
from these discourses. Power is always around us whether we are
encouraging it or resisting it."

Surely, this can be linked with Marx's Communist Manifesto in the
sense that it was individuals (Lenin, Stalin etc.) who have
appropriated his theory and 'claimed to liberate', the failure of
Marxism can be attributed to the fact that power circulates from
bottom to top, top to bottom and side to side. How can I link
discourses to Marx and the abuse of theories? I thought an interesting
take would be looking at African Slavery and the exploitation of the
bible to justify it. Any responses would be helpful!

[Foucault-L] history of sexuality liberation, جاد jad
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