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Hi Bill

Jason Read wrote a paper on biopower in Hardt and Negri. 'The Hidden Abode of Biopolitical Production: Empire and the Ontology of Production', RETHINKING MARXISM Volume 13, Number 3/4 (Fall/Winter 2001 - special symposium double issue on Empire). I have it here somewhere if you can't access it. His book _The Micro-politics of Capital: Marx and the Prehistory of the Present_ (State University of New York Press, 2003) might also discuss it; Angela Mitropolous wrote a review of it (and might be able to give you some opinion):

Jason's stuff is the only material on this that I can think of just now.

good luck with it all.


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I'm currently winding down on my BA thesis research, and about to start writing. The topic is retheorizing the modern-world system (Wallerstein et. al) and global social change from the perspective of "social space" I extrapolate from Foucault's primary methods/ concepts (episteme, discourse, governmentlality, subjectivity).

I have been unable to find in any of the secondary literature a discussion directly world-systems theory in relation to Foucault or visaversa, which is no problem (the closest is Hardt/Negri mentioning Arrighi's Long Twentieth Cetury in Empire). In the primary literature, Focuault mentions Braudel (a major influence for world-systems) and Wallerstein mentions but does not really discuss Foucault on a few occassions.

Is there anything that I'm missing (secondary or primary)? Of course, any other suggestions are welcome.

P.S. anybody have any commentary on Empire's use of biopower? It seemed to me they sort have butchered the concepts application at worst or were terribly unclear at best...but maybe I just missed something.


Bill R. French

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