Re: [Foucault-L] foucault and "human nature"

Hi David,

Where can one read more about this? Is it only in Lecercle's 'The Violence of Language' or is his critique of Chomsky available somewhere online?

On 2010/03/05 9:07 AM, David McInerney wrote:
Jean-Jacques Lecercle identifies 'four harmful characteristics' in
Chomsky's theory of language: methodological individualism,
fetishism, the refusal of history, and naturalism. Each of these
would seem to relate to Chomsky's
innatism, the defence of which - together with the defence of the
idea of 'free association' - seems to be the raison d'être for
Chomsky's steadfast adherence to theoretical humanism in the face of
Foucault's critique.

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