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Is Bergson really necessary in terms of Foucault's sources? What about
The Normal and the Pathological by Georges Canguilhem? I'd also throw
in anything by Gaston Bachelard. If you're interested, you could also
read Paul Feyeraband. He's not a Foucauldian but he was
contemparaneous, was influenced by Bachelard, and dealt with parallel

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> I can do the opposite Zulfiqar: rather than provide you with secondary material on the Order of Things (no doubt your aware of the problems such 'commentary' poses, given the treatment which 'commentary' receives there), I can provide you with one of the source materials for this book, one of those books which Foucault seems to have been working closely with and writing his own alongside, and that is Henry Bergson's Creative Evolution, writen in 1907 and canonical for two generations of European scholars before it fell into relative obscurity. Another book worth taking a look at in this connection is Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West, writen in 1918 and enjoying a similiar popularity before the war.
> All the best.
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>> I have recently finished my Ph. D.
>> work on Foucault in relation to Marx. I
>> am looking for major critiques on the issue of *epistme
>> *and on the major
>> argument of The Order of Things. I request all of you to
>> kindly identify the
>> books or articles in this regard.
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